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 Hardware Compatibility
All EnTech display solutions include complex branch logic and multiple code paths to detect and support the widest possible range of graphic controllers, including those from 3dfx, 3dlabs, ATI, C&T, Cirrus Logic, Intel, Matrox, NeoMagic, Number Nine, NVidia, Rendition, S3, Silicon Motion, SiS, Trident, Tseng Labs, VIA, VideoLogic, and XGI.

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For information on licensing an EnTech display solution or on developing compliant hardware, please contact us at displaysales@entechtaiwan.com.

End-user Products
 Monitor Asset Manager
 Legacy software

Display Solutions

Available for license directly to major display and system OEMs, EnTech's high-level turnkey display solutions are designed to meet emerging market trends in a timely, cost-effective manner. EnTech display solutions incorporate key enabling technologies for product applications including buttonless computer monitors, host control of monitor/TV hybrids, network control and asset management, interactive color calibration, software-based HDTV adjustment and servicing, hardware benchmarking and video host performance control. All of our solutions share the highest level of compatibility and are updated frequently.

softSpin is a brandable, ready-to-ship screen rotation and control utility providing monitor OEMs with a complete set of the essential functions most requested by home and corporate customers alike. A convenient, non-intrusive system tray menu coupled with system-wide hotkeys allows the user to quickly accomplish all common display configuration tasks, including changes to desktop RGB gamma, resolution, color depth and screen frequency - as well as screen orientation. Moreover, softSpin's ability to generate SMS-compliant reports coupled with a robust and field-proven scripting language deliver the monitor asset management information and remote screen control that enterprise administrators need. See the softSpin page for further information.

softOSD serves as the next-generation engine used by EnTech to develop host-based applications that communicate with and control connected display devices - whether its a standard CRT, an LCD, plasma display, projector or HDTV. Unlike solutions requiring host-to-display control paths via USB or special cables, softOSD permits direct control of the display device through standard video cables. It is fully interface-independent, compatible with all relevant Windows operating systems from Windows 95 through Windows 10, and supports the widest possible array of graphics controllers, from Cirrus Logic and Tseng Labs all the way through to the latest GPUs from AMD, Intel and NVidia. Moreover, softOSD’s direct hardware support not only allows display control through all ports of a multi-headed graphics card, it’s also highly optimized, yielding what is easily the fastest solution on the market today. Put simply, softOSD makes EnTech's turnkey display solutions superior. For more information, refer to the softOSD page, as well as the softMCCS page where a softOSD-based DDC/CI and MCCS compliance and testing tool is freely available for use with displays from our partners.

DirecPLL has been a mainstay in the industry for almost a decade, providing an efficient, minimal-impact building block for graphic performance tuning applications, hardware diagnostic programs, and benchmarking suites such as:

DirecDAC provides an efficient engine for managing color lookup tables at the hardware level - neatly sidestepping limitations in the operating system and dependencies on the display driver interface, and is used by many of the world's leading suppliers in the fields of color control and management.

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