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27 June 2016
Monitor Asset Manager 2.9 released

Monitor Asset Manager is a free Plug-and-Play monitor and HDTV information utility that extracts and decodes base and extension EDID and DisplayID information under all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. The current release includes support for post-EDID DisplayID base and extension data structures, including new tiled display topologies.

27 June 2016
softMCCS 2.5 update

An update to softMCCS is now available with support for the latest series of Intel Skylake CPUs, to assist display manufacturers and firmware engineers in testing compliance with the Monitor Control Command Set, as well as Microsoft Premium logo monitor requirements. For further information, contact mccs@entechtaiwan.com.

12 November 2011
mControl update

mControl is the industry's first software OSD designed to support next-generation direct-drive and conventional monitors, providing software control over image levels and color, active input, screen orientation, and remote monitor asset management. The latest version includes simplified input switching, adds two energy saving modes to Windows power management, and features ecometers to encourage energy conservation.

5 August 2009
PowerStrip 3.86 released

PowerStrip 3.86 has been released with improved support for the latest AMD GPUs and IGPs, as well as a handful of small enhancements and optimizations. Year after year, it continues to be the only program of its type to provide driver-independent hardware support to multiple graphics cards from multiple vendors, under every OS from the original retail release of Windows 95 to the 64-bit Edition of Windows 7.

1 June 2008
iRotate 1.37 update

iRotate is a free screen rotation utility, providing end-users, administrators and manufacturers of pivoting monitors with a simple, standardized mechanism to control screen orientation across multiple monitors, operating systems and graphics cards. The tiny 60kb utility harnesses the highly efficient native rotation capabilities in the display driver to deliver exceptionally fast performance with zero overhead.

Developer Toolkits
  • Are you a hardware developer who wants to debug a newly developed USB, PCI, ISA or parallel port device?

  • Are you a software developer who needs to write an application to control these devices under a Windows operating system?

  • Are you frustrated by the complexities of device driver programming, and barred from access to your custom hardware under Win32 and Win64?

EnTech's series of developer toolkits help you bridge the gap between you and your hardware, with a range of powerful, yet affordable solutions - from our popular specialized TVicPort, TVicHW32 and TVicLPT toolkits, to the newly-released and comprehensive RapidDriver.

Find out more in the developers' area of our web site...

Graphics and Monitor Utilities

EnTech’s award-winning graphics and monitor utilities are available for license to major institutions and are already in use by millions of end-users the world over. Each is a stand-alone application targeted towards solving a common display setup, configuration or management issue.

Monitor Asset Manager generates detailed reports on Plug and Play monitors, including a connected display’s serial number and operating characterisitics. It is the only utility of its kind to operate reliably under Windows NT.

EnergySaver makes DPMS services available to Windows NT users and administrators. Designed to operate "behind" the screen saver of your choice, EnergySaver can be configured to power down Energy Star-compliant monitors when not in use, saving electricity and extending monitor life-span.

MultiRes provides simple and effective control over display settings, for single and multiple monitors, and for single and multiple users. A robust command-line and scripting facility make it a favorite with home and network administrators alike.

iRotate harnesses the fast and efficient native rotation capabilities present in most contemporary display drivers to provide end-users with a free and simple means to change screen orientation on pivoting monitors.

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