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softSpin can control and report on up to 15 Plug-and-Play display devices under Windows 98/Millennium/2000/XP, and leverages the Microsoft TabletPC rotation API and the native rotation capabilities in the latest drivers from ATI, Intel, Matrox, NVidia, S3, VIA and XGI.

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Streamlined screen rotation, control and management

softSpin is a ready-to-ship application available for immediate volume licensing to display OEMs. Designed for the ultimate in efficiency, the entire softSpin distributable package - with simultaneous support for up to 15 monitors, each individually selectable for resolution, refresh rate, color depth and screen orientation - is just 100kb in size. Utilizing the rotation capability present in many of today’s graphics card drivers, softSpin provides the user with a simple, universal means to apply all common display configuration changes.

EnTech has taken its venerable, award-winning MultiRes utility, and blended in screen rotation, desktop RGB gamma correction and asset management capabilities to create softSpin - a compact and concise solution that provides end-users with the configuration features they want, and enterprise administrators with the controls and asset tracking information they need. At the same time, softSpin continually promotes the display OEM with cost-effective software product branding.

softSpin's screen orientation support utilizes the rotation capabilities present in most of today's graphics card drivers. It's no longer necessary to resort to bloated Windows hacks, additional software layers or phantom drivers to achieve content rotation. In most instances, support is now available directly from the graphics chip manufacturers, who continuously improve and apply quality assurance to their drivers. By leveraging the native rotation capabilities now provided by ATI, Intel, Matrox, NVidia, S3 and others, softSpin offers greater speed and efficiency, with minimal impact on scarce system resources.

Comprehensive desktop control

To accomplish display configuration changes, softSpin presents a quick, easy-to-use system tray menu which allow the user to quickly change screen orientation, resolution, color depth and refresh rate. For even faster access, softSpin recognizes a set of hotkeys for instant screen rotation and changes to desktop RGB gamma. And like all EnTech software, softSpin is multi-monitor capable and will support up to fifteen connected displays.

No-nonsense asset management

For administrators, softSpin combines the SMS-compliant reporting capabilities first pioneered in EnTech's Monitor Asset Manager, with the mature scripting support well-known in MultiRes, bringing both asset management and administrative screen control together, in a package that end-users will actually want to install and run. While softSpin is providing end-users with a simple and convenient way to make screen configuration changes, it is also quietly providing network administrators with the means to track and manage costly display resources. With its simple scripting support - reflecting years of feedback from IS managers and administrators - and on-demand SMS-compliant report generation, softSpin delivers the asset management capabilities most requested by IT managers.

In short, softSpin is a veritable Swiss army knife for monitor manufacturers - perfect for rotating and non-rotating monitors alike - providing display OEMs with the quickest, most cost-effective way of achieving asset management compatibility across their entire display product line, while delivering the most requested end-user configuration features.

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