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Unless tagged as discontinued shareware, software listed on this page is free for personal use.

 Technical support
Software listed on this page is no longer supported, and may not work correctly with contemporary hardware or under contemporary operating systems. For advice in finding an up-to-date alternative, refer to the technical support forum. Forum registration is not required.

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Legacy software

RendClk (111kb) is a real-time Rendition V2100/2200 RISC and memory clock calculator, originally developed for in-house testing. If you don't know what that means, then this utility is not for you. If you do know, then be advised this utility is specifically not approved by the chip vendor, so use with extreme caution and at your own risk. (Windows 95/98/Me only).

Written to quickly test the supported and enabled capabilities of AGP cards (side-band addressing, pipeline, 2x/4x transfers, etc.), PCIList (161kb) also serves as a general-purpose PCI device lister. (Windows 95/98/Me only)

Unsure whether your graphics card and Plug and Play monitor are communicating properly? DDCtest (136kb) will tell you more than you probably ever wanted to know about your Plug and Play monitor. (Windows 95/98/Me only)

 Wish your older monitor had some of the OnScreen Display capabilities that newer  monitors have? OSD (132kb) measures and reports vertical and horizontal sync frequencies, and features an adjustable "accuracy" control. (Windows 95/98/Me only)

Too many tabs under Windows Display Properties? DPSclean is a little utility (97 kb) that allows you to selectively remove ones you don't use or no longer need.

ResMan integrates a resource monitor, process manager and memory recovery into a single little utility (124 kb) that resides in the system tray. ResMan will require the Microsoft libraries in this 16kb archive if they aren't already installed in your system directory. (Windows 95/98/Me only)

NVresume (16 kb) works in conjunction with NVidia's Detonator drivers and the native "Coolbits" clock controls, restoring the clocks to full speed when the system wakes up from a power saving state.

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