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 EnergySaver - English
Version: 2.31
Released: 3 August 2003
File size: 247 Kb

 Lock - system tray screen saver applet
Released: 3 July 1999
File size: 9 Kb

 Registry patch for non-Administrators
Released: 25 August 1999
File size: 15 kb

 Program upgrades
This software has been discontinued. Registered users of EnergySaver can upgrade to the final release at any time by simply downloading and installing the latest shareware version above.

 Technical support
Answers to frequently asked questions and help with problems encountered in using EnergySaver can he found in the technical support forum. Forum registration is not required.

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EnergySaver 2.31

Display Power Management for Windows NT
The EnergySaver makes DPMS services available to mainstream NT users and administrators in a low-cost and compact package. Designed to operate "behind" the screen saver of your choice, the EnergySaver can be configured to power down Energy Star compliant monitors when not in use, extending monitor life-span while reducing electricity expenses. Direct hardware control over vertical and horizontal sync signals supplement full support for industry-standard VESA hardware and software power management protocols to ensure the widest possible compatibility - including support for multiple monitor setups. Graphics chipsets specifically supported include those from 3Dlabs, 3dfx, Alliance, Ark Logic, ATI, C&T, Cirrus Logic, Intel, Matrox, Number Nine, NVidia, Rendition, S3, Trident and Tseng Labs.

Windows NT - The EnergySaver's power management services are available to NT itself and to all users, regardless of rights and privileges, but you must have administrative privileges in order to install the software. For additional assistance in extending DPMS services to all users, please download and consult the small patch here (16k). EnergySaver is compatible with all x86 versions of Windows NT, including NT 3.1 and 3.5.
Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP - Although designed primarily for NT, the EnergySaver can be used in place of both BIOS and Windows native display power management in the event these cause problems (e.g., ACPI compatibility issues, failure to wake up, etc.).

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