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RapidDriver Source Code

We offer an option to purchase the drivers and DLL source code. The source code can be directly edited and compiled with MS Visual C/C++ or with the DDK "build" utility.

Supported operating systems

Our Plug and Play WDM device drivers are compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/2003.

What do we offer

On purchase, we deliver the package including:
  • C++ source and project files to build a driver (*.sys);
  • C++ source and project files to build a DLL to cummunicate with driver;
  • Sample applications in many programming languages (available in standard RapidDriver package);
  • Driver building and installation instructions, as well as instructions on deployment the driver with your application.

Negotiating with driver

We have developed a convenient method to communicate with a driver through DLL. You can use the functions exported by DLL instead of performing IOCTL requests. You can view the functions and structures for USB, ISA/PC-104, PCI and Parallel Port.

Distributing the drivers with your application

The following files must be in the same directory:

- RapidXXX.sys
- RapidInstaller32.dll
- <project name>.inf file from RapidDriver\Kernel directory

You may install the driver by two ways: "standard" or with our RdInstall utility.

The "standard" procedure is following:

1. Run Add Hardware wizard from Control Panel.
2. Select "Install from a list or specific location".
3. Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install".
4. Select "Have disk" then browse to your inf-file directory.

RapidXXX.dll should be copied to any accessible directory, say, <Windows>\system32.

Using of RdInstall utility makes this process much simpler:

1. Copy all files (and RdInstall.exe) to the same directory as described above.
2. Run RdInstall utility.

RdInstall.exe <full path to the inf-file>

Note: Full path required!

You should run Device Manager and search for your device to make sure that the installation was successful.


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