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RapidPCI: Getting Started
1. Click the "Create New Device" button:

2. Select your PCI device from the list:

Caution: Do not select any system device like a video adapter or a network card! The device or even whole system may stop functioning!

3. Enter the Device Project Name:

4. Select the "Install Device Using ..." option then click the "Finish" button:

5. Run the Device Manager to make sure that your device was installed properly:

Note: You can run Device Manager directly from GUI:

6. Play with the device from GUI

Screenshot: PCI Header Fields

Screenshot: Command and Status PCI Registers

Screenshot: PCI BARs

Screenshot: PCI Interrupts

7. Select an example that is written in your preferred programming language (not applicable for RD Explorer edition)

7.1. Select the "Examples | Run Example" main menu item or click the following toolbar button:

7.2. Select your compiler, "PCI" group, then click the "Run Compiler and load sample" button.

Note: you must keep RapidDriver running in background while you are working with the demo version!

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