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RapidLPT: Getting Started
1. Select pre-defined "Parallel Port Device" from the drop-down list:

2. Select a parallel port and it's mode (add a port as a "custom port" if not auto-detected by RapidDriver):

3. Play with the port from GUI:

Screenshot: D25 Pins

Screenshot: LPT registers

Screenshot: Interruptions

Note: Do not forget to enable parallel port interruptions in Control Panel if you want to test this functionality. To do this, run Device Manager then go to the Ports->Parallel PortN->Properties->Port Settings tab page:

4. Select an example that is written in your preferred programming language (not applicable for RD Explorer edition)

4.1. Select the "Examples | Run Example" main menu item

4.2. Select your compiler, "LPT" group, then click the "Run Compiler and load sample" button.

Note: you must keep RapidDriver running in background while you are working with the demo version!

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