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TVicLPT Overview

What is TVicLPT?

TVicLPT is a toolkit for direct access to LPT ports. The TVicLPT is a programming tool that gives you easy access and control over parallel port hardware (LPT) directly from a Win32 application. TVicLPT is available now as an ActiveX Control (OCX) as well as a native Borland VCL component.

For details as to how TVicLPT can help you, feel free to download the TVicLPT Html Help File

TVicLPT's features

TVicLPT's main capabilities are:

  • detection of all LPT ports at each of the standard addresses as well as non-standard PCI ports
  • ability to add a non-standard LPT port
  • detection of all possible LPT modes including SPP, PS/2, Fast Centronix, EPP, ECP
  • simple switching to any possible mode without the bit manipulation
  • direct access "by name" to any hardware port of the current LPT
  • simple direct access to any bit of any port of the current LPT
  • direct access and manipulation of any pin on the LPT D-25 connector
  • handling of hardware interrupts incoming from the LPT ACK line

TVicLPT provides an interface to drivers for the following programming languages:

  • Microsoft Visual C/C++
  • Borland Delphi (versions 2-7)
  • Borland C++ Builder (versions 1, 3 - 6)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  • Other programming systems that access functions in DLL's

Feel free download the TVicLPT Html Help File for details as to how TVicLPT can help you.

TVicLPT Downloads and Ordering

To evaluate TVicLPT's functionality, simply download and install the demo version of TVicLPT 1.3 (713 KB).

TVicLPT 1.3 (demo version)

File size: 713 Kb
Updated: 07/11/2003

This demo includes many test examples showing how to use TVicLPT with each programming language listed above. The TVicLPT demo version is fully functional so you can write and debug your application before you buy one of the following licenses to use or distribute the drivers and OCX.

TVicLPT Html Help File

File size: 152 Kb
Updated: 22/10/2003

Ordering information

Single License is $65 U.S.
Purchase online.

Commercial License is $195 U.S.
Purchase online

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