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is a product family, providing direct access to USB, PCI, ISA and LPT resources from user mode and kernel. RapidDriver can be used to work with devices form integrated environment as well as from user applications.
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Custom driver development
We can provide custom driver development for a wide range of equipment, including PCI, ISA and USB devices, as well as assistance in porting old DOS, VxD and NT device drivers to the WDM driver architecture. For further information, contact us.
provides the programmers with standard methods for real-time direct access to port I/O, physical memory, hardware interrupts, and much more.
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lets you access and control hardware that connects to the parallel port (LPT).
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a "lite" version of TVicHW32.
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  How our toolkits have been used
Data Acquisition
Seismic data acquisition system for Windows9X/NT/2000/XP

The Seislog data acquisition system consists of one or several digitizers connected to a PC. Seislog uses TVicHW32 driver to access pins on the LPT ports. Read full article... (DOC)

By Department of Earth Science, The University of Bergen

Small Program For Fast Data Acquisition Of CAMAC
And Other Devices On PC ISA bus.

A new data acquisition program for personal computers with Windows operating system has been built at Charles University van de Graaff laboratory. It allows fast data acquisition from CAMAC and other PC interface cards using interrupt or polling mode via several types of crate controllers, basic on-line analysis and visualization of acquired data in graphs and histograms. The program is written in combination of MSVC++ and ROOT macros and offers easy customization to individual user requirements via external configuration files, without need of recompilation. In the presented paper a detailed description of the program concepts and features is given. Program was extensively tested with several combinations of hardware and software, and results of the tests are shown at the end.

"Three types of PC ISA bus connection were tested. The simplest solution with direct addressing of driver memory space is possible only in DOS and partly in Windows 95/98. For Windows NT4.0/2000 there are several drivers available; we use TvicHW32. Used drivers have two different working modes: “soft” and “hard” access." Read full article...

P. Kodyš 1 , J. Brož, Z. Doležal
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics
Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
V Holešovi kách 2, CZ 180 00, Prague 8 – Troja, Czech Republic

Circular Dichroism Imaging Microscopy: Application to
Enantiomorphous Twinning in Biaxial Crystals of

A microscope was constructed for imaging circular dichroism of heterogeneous anisotropic media. To avoid linear biases that are common with electronic circular polarization modulation, we chose a retrogressive solution: mechanical light modulation by rotating a linear polarizer with respect to a quarter wave plate continuously tuned by tilting to the operating wavelength. Our omparatively slow technique succeeds with near-perfect circular input and signal averaging using a CCD camera. We have applied the method to anomalously birefringent crystals of 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinone that are shown to have intergrown mirror image domains, undetected by X-ray diffraction because the twinning complexity renders differences in anomalous dispersion, already small, unreliable. The origin of the anomalous birefringence and the assignment of the absolute configuration are discussed. The motors are driven via custom electronics through the parallel printer port of the PC. TVicHW32 5.0 was used to address the parallel printer port. Read full article...(PDF)

By Department of Chemistry, Box 351700, University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington 98195-1700

Sound systems
A high-output, high-quality fMRI compatible sound
The sound system developed by the MRC Institute of Hearing
Research for use in functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) studies. TVicHW32 was used to communicate to PC Hardware.
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Alan R. Palmer, D.C. Bullock and J.D. Chambers
MRC Institute of Hearing Research
University of Nottingham
Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK.

Microcontroller programming
IPL-ST7 inDART Programming Library
Low-level interfacing between user written PC applications and the inDART-ST7 Series In-Circuit Debuggers/Programmers. All of the examples provided in this documentation are written in C, unless otherwise reported. This library is based on TVicLPT driver.
Read full article...

SofTec Microsystems

LED matrix clock
LED Matrix Modules, The Circuit Diagram, Construction, Software
"TVicHW32 takes care of all the Windows NT unpleasantness and allows direct access to the PC hardware under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. My demo application drives one data pin of the parallel port, and two of the control pins, to behave like a serial SPI interface."

LED Matrix Clock Project

Multimedia Kiosk
Multi-media kiosk for the Electrical Engineering Department. The kiosk will serve as a center for up-to-date information as well as a form of entertainment.
"The TVicLPT driver was determined to be the best choice given the above results. The main features this particular driver offered was the hardware interrupt capability. This driver provided extensive technical documentation that proved to be useful during the initial implementation stage."

Full article... (DOC)

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