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TVicHW32 Features

TVicHW32's main capabilities are:

direct port I/O access

obtains pointers to physical memory by directly mapping them to the user process's address space

simultaneous handling of multiple hardware interrupts

advanced LPT support including access to any pin on any LPT port

access to IDE HDDs hardware manufacturer information (HD serial number, geometry, etc.) for IDE1-IDE4

keyboard hooks and scan-code messaging

access to PCI configuration data allowing enumeration of all PCI devices

memory buffer allocation for system and busmaster DMA operations

execution of the user's functions at high-privileged CPU level (Ring0)

TVicHW32 provides an interface to drivers for the following programming languages:

Microsoft Visual C/C++

Borland Delphi (versions 2-7)

Borland C++ Builder (versions 1, 3 - 6)

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET(New!)

Microsoft Visual C#(New!)

Borland Kylix (New!)

Other programming systems that access functions in DLL's

For details as to how TVicHW32 can help you, feel free to download the TVicHW32 Html Help File, refer to the TVicHW32 FAQ page or contact us.

Developers Tools News

19 April 2004
TVicHW32 5.4 released

  • MS VB.Net support added
  • MS VC# support added
  • Borland Kylix (Linux) support added (Commercial License only)

For details, go to the TVicHW32 page.

5 August 2001
TVicHW32 5.0 released

TVicHW32 5.0 has just been released, allowing execution of privileged CPU instructions at the application level. The new RunRing0Function lets you access all ports directly with IN/OUT assembler instructions or with _inp() _outp() "C" functions, and gives you control over hardware interrupts and access to CPU special registers. Also new in this release is the ability to correctly handle "level sensitive" interrupts generated by PCI devices. For details, go to the TVicHW32 page.

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